In Bratislava, a UFO has landed, visible from Austria!

Yes, we're talking about the UFO restaurant located on one of the most famous bridges in Bratislava, which has been connecting the city's two banks since 1972. This bridge is 438.1 meters long and 21 meters wide. It has two levels where the lower level serves pedestrians and the upper level is used by automotive means. Unlike other bridges in Bratislava, it doesn't have any pillars in the Danube River, as it operates on the principle of a suspension bridge. Architect J. Lacko and engineer A. Tesár conceived the UFO as a pylon to support the bridge's steel structure. This pylon is shaped like a steel column in the form of the letter A, gently leaning towards the Petržalka housing estate.

This suspension bridge is one of Slovakia's unique structures and ranks among the longest suspension bridges in the world. In 1972, precisely on August 26th, the bridge was opened only with a lookout platform. At the time of its construction, this structure was one of only two such engineering solutions in the world.



In 2001, this structure in Slovakia was declared the construction of the century in the category of bridges. Today, along with the restaurant, it belongs to the World Federation of Great Towers. Additionally, this structure was featured in a German travel publication titled "Crazy Places". Thus, they have the potential to fascinate and shock visitors with their unusual and unique nature.



Two years later, in 2003, the reconstruction of the lookout platform and the interior of the restaurant had begun. Thanks to three architects M. Maličevič, V. Krajčovič, and D. Čečetka, it received a modern, minimalist design. Since 2005, the SNP Bridge can boast this architectural gem, in the form we know it today. Together, they form an integral part of our capital city and have been captivating the eyes for a beautiful 33 years.

The UFO restaurant was opened in conjunction with the revitalization of the bridge, and later in 2008, a rotating terrace was added to it. In the eastern pillar of the bridge, there is an elevator that takes you to the restaurant at lightning speed (exactly 15 kilometers per hour), and in the western pillar, there is an emergency staircase with 430 steps. This gem offers a wide range of experiences. Food lovers will enjoy delicious main courses, soups, and desserts from both domestic and international cuisine. You can enjoy them with quality wine or other cocktails while being taken care of by the "star team", as they call themselves.

So, have you ever had dinner at a height of 85 meters?

After a quality culinary adventure, you can enjoy a breathtaking view from the lookout platform at a height of up to 95 meters and a panorama of up to 100 kilometers. With this exceptional view, you will have the opportunity to admire Bratislava's landmarks such as the Sad Janka Kráľa, St. Martin's Cathedral, or Bratislava Castle, all from one place.

And if your head doesn't spin enough from the height, you can try the Skywalk attraction (ideal season April-October), where with a certified instructor, you'll see the UFO and Bratislava from the outside and from a bird's perspective, so you won't care whether the window cleaners did a good job or not.

At this exceptional place, you will also find various cultural events such as vernissages, concerts, or themed evenings.

This unique place is a symbol of the city and a place that attracts not only visitors from Bratislava but also from around the world. Its futuristic design and rotating terrace make the UFO one of the most iconic dining spots in Central Europe. The atmosphere of the UFO Restaurant is often described as vibrant and lively, adding to its attractiveness for visitors from various social and cultural backgrounds.

Autor: Veronika Molnarova