Lasica and Satinský - uncrowned kings of humour

When you say L+S in Bratislava, most of the people will automatically connect it with a little studio in Hotel Tatra near Hodža Square and with two theatre legends: Milan Lasica and Július Satinský.  Both men have earned their place in the hearts of many Slovak and Czech people for making them laugh for many years.  

L+S and Bratislava 

Even though it may sound that L+S studio was established by the legendary comedians, it is not this case.  Originally, the name of this studio was only Studio S, as it served as an art scene for the Slovconcert. The studio was without permanent professional company since the beginning, inviting actors and directors. They were never afraid of avant-garde and remarkable theatre performances, mostly from the Czech Republic. Very soon the studio connected with, nowadays legendary, duo Lasica and Satinský, who brough a fresh air and even stability of performances to the theatre with performances like Nobody Behind the Door (Nikto nie je za dverami), The Day of Joy (Deň radosti) and Our Friend René (Náš priateľ René). The theatre became a stable base for the favourite actors, bringing sophisticated humour with the touch of nostalgy and a great portion of intelligence. One more interesting fact about the theatre is, that it was the first post-revolutionary privatized theatre and exactly at the same time it got a new name, which was more of a tiny cosmetic change – as the letter S was already undoubtedly connected not with the Slovconcert but with the surname of Satinský

I remember my first visit of this place and a theatrical performance with Milan Lasica and Marta Sládečková - it was a tragicomedy with an interesting ending, but it was the charisma and the stunning performance of the actors that dominated the stage. Repertoire wasn´t focused only on plays but also on musical evenings and talk shows.

Auditorium was often sold out and the stage of this fatal theatre became the place of decease to one of this iconic duo - Milan Lasica collapsed during the concert after singing a song I Am Optimist (Ja som optimista). 

Misters Lasica and Satinský in Batislava

Both artists had a heartworm relationship with Batislava, lived almost the whole life in this city. Beside the study at the Academy of Performing Arts, stages, cabarets, and cafes were opened for them, to which they brought a different type of humour. Lasica and Satiský were bringing intelligent satire instead of popular entertainment ever since their student days. It was exactly this type of humour that got them in disgrace of politicians and hindered their way to success, but they achieved to gain positive reactions to their work and popularity among their audience. 

L+S rose to fame among public mostly thanks to their programme Somebody Behind the Door (Ktosi je za dverami), but both misters were active and multi-talented artists. They excelled in various spheres of activities thanks to their shrewdness - Július Satinský was a popular writer and publicist, Milan Lasica was a remarkable playwright, director, and singer. Milan Lasica recollected his life in Bratislava with his typical wit and pointed at the destruction of a historical centre due to a bridge construction but also, he pointed at pleasant cafés where he used to spend time with his friends.

You would say he was too nostalgic, clinging to historical buildings, it is not entirely true though - he got to like the Shopping Centre Eurovea. The café where he loved to relax even made a symbolical reservation of his favourite table after his death. Lasica described his relationship to the city through its inhabitants and the right atmosphere, through many places with quality coffee, books, and culture. He spoke about the importance of becoming accustomed to the city where we live, and we cannot disagree.

Bratislava commemorates Július Satinský with a statue by Svetozár Ilavský, on Dunajská street. Why this place? Dunajská street was the entertainer's home for almost his entire life, therefore is his bust listening to the sounds of the street - through a big ear placed on the facade of the building. His books Half Century with Bratislava and Boys from Dunajská street proves his heart-warming relationship with the city.

The legacy of both significant artists is still alive, and the spirit of their work continues to guide us through the city, which is also thanks to them, one of the cultural centres of our country.