Nedbalka Gallery

The historical centre of Bratislava hides more than one hidden gem. One of them is a private gallery of modern art hiding in narrow street with an inconspicuous entrance but even more impressive interior and art collection.

Re-established Building

When we look at the location of the gallery it is sure that it cannot be in a modern building. The founders opted for a delicate but yet brave reconstruction of the building standing in the very heart of the Old Town. Standing in front of the building we will see a standard pleasant oldtown building with high ceilings and big rooms – but once we enter it, we will be pleasantly surprised. Inventive space focused into radius resembles the famous Guggenheim Museum and not an ordinary town house.

A skilful team under the leadership of architect Jarmila Kusá transformed the originally derelict ugly duckling into a beautiful swan and so the place that used to serve food in a company canteen is now serving experience and an impressive visual art of Slovak Modern Art. But who is standing behind the idea of founding a gallery which main intention is not to sell the art works but to present them to a wide public? At the beginning there was a vision and passion of three art collectors – a couple Miloslava and Peter Paško and Artúr Bartoška. This trio of philanthropists decided to collect and document and mainly share the works of famous Slovak artists. Thanks to the we have a chance to see splendid arts that would otherwise stay in the ostentatious villas or locked in the depositaries.

Slovak “guggenheim”

Precious and representative art works deserve also representative space – this is the reason why architects didn´t spare on quality materials. The interior maintained its airiness and the feeling of never-ending spiral of art which surrounds you everywhere. White colour and beautiful wooden parquet give the unintrusive impression of timeless elegance so the visitors can pay attention to the displayed paintings. The paintings themselves constitute the heart of this place and prove that we can be truly proud of our cultural and artistic heritage.

The founders fulfilled their noble intention to bring the magnificent Slovak artists, historical and contemporary, closer to us. The contemporary exposition presents the charming and captivating landscape paintings of Ladislav Mednyánszky, vivid colours and dynamic scenes of Dominik Skutecký or scenes of the Slovak country by unforgettable Martin Benka. Authors of Slovak Modern Art re-join these classical authors with the works of elegant Rudolf Krivoš, experimenter Rudolf Fila, the dreamy landscapes of Viera Žilinčáková, or the subtle colours of Milan Paštéka. At last, the young authors complete the permanent exposition, they can realise their work also thanks to the projects like Painting of the Year.

Original Visit

When you decide for a visit during the opening hours, four floors full of magnificent art works will wait for you. On the ground floor is usually located current exposition and a small café. If you will be searching for something extra, the gallery organizes various workshops, not only for children, concerts of popular music and chamber music, on regular basis. For the lovebirds preparing for their great day there is a place suitable for a civil marriage and afterwards original photos.

Beside this, there is a worldwide popular project called Umbrella Street that can navigate you to the gallery. The motive on the umbrellas is changing every year and is, of course, inspired by work of one of the significant Slovak artist.