Slovak National Gallery - Treasures of Art by the Danube

With its location along the Danube and its historical appearance, the Slovak National Gallery attracts an increasing number of tourists. All art lovers would agree that it is one of the most important cultural symbols of Slovakia. Let's take a look at one of the largest and most famous galleries in Slovakia! 

Architectural gem along the Danube:

Its location will bring every visitor to the beautiful historical center of our capital, directly on the Rázusove nábrežie. An important part of the SNG is mainly the building in which it is located. It is located in the historical space of a Baroque place on Ľudovít Štúr Square in Bratislava and is unmistakable. This building is an architectural gem and contributes to the unique atmosphere of the gallery. At first glance, it is an exceptional building that hides a rich collection of art inside. It combines combinations of different artistic periods and styles. We know from history that the SNG was founded in the 19th century in 1984. During these years it was the Slovak Provincial Gallery. Only 1961 brought its official name, which we know to this day - Slovak National Gallery. Since then, it has become home to thousands of works of art representing the richness and diversity of Slovak and European culture.

What can we find in the SNG?

In the SNG we can admire the works of Slovak masters as well as works of world-famous artists that are part of the world artistic heritage. It is open to anyone who wants to discover new perspectives, broaden their horizons in art or just needs inspiration. We can find works by domestic and international artists, from ancient works to contemporary art. Among the most important exhibitions are collections of old painting, modern art and works of applied art or design. Every visitor will enjoy himself here and will certainly appreciate the large number of attractions offered. In addition to exhibitions and expositions, the building houses, for example, the Ex Libris Bookstore, the Open Studio, the Cinema Hall or the Art Science Library. What's new is that online exhibitions, virtual tours and interactive activities are also coming to the fore. In the courtyard in the middle of the gallery, tourists can sit and enjoy a cup of good coffee here. A nice bonus is that the entire ground floor in the SNG building is accessible to every visitor completely free of charge.

Symbol of pride:

The Slovak National Gallery is not only a place where we can admire works of art, but also a place where various exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, literary events, educational programs and workshops take place. In this way, the SNG actively contributes to education and enrichment of cultural life not only in Bratislava but also throughout the Slovak Republic. At present, the Slovak National Gallery is an important pillar of Slovak culture and art. It is a meeting place for artists, art seekers and culture lovers. It also fulfills the role of a leisure activity, as people do not always come here only for art. It is a symbol of pride and refers to our rich heritage as a nation. It is a place where cultural awareness is preserved and disseminated for future generations.

Practical information:

Opening hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10:00-18:00
Thursday: 12:00-20:00


Rázusovo nábrežie 1
nearest public transport stop: Ľudovít Štúr Square

Admission: SNG (all exhibitions and expositions)

adults: 9 €
seniors: 5 €
ISIC, ITIC (student): 5 €

Free entry:

children and pupils up to 15 years of age, disabled, holders of AICA, ICOM, IAA, RGS, ZMS, students of schools of fine arts (AFAD, Academy of Arts, ŠUPKA, School of Design), journalists (based on a journalist's card), tourist guides

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Text: Janka Magicová
Photo: Slovak National Gallery