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Compared to other capital cities, Bratislava has the most creative people per population.

That is why the Bratislava Institute of Technology - BIT for short - was created. The Massachusetts one is better known, but in our country it tunes on all frequencies. The inventions are so ground-breaking that it is currently working in secret mode.

SUBCARFLY is a submarine, a car and an airplane all in one. Whatever you like, get in and take a ride to where imagination has no bounds. More

If you like one of the motifs, you can purchase a graphic in A5 format (15 cm wide and 21 cm high), or even together with a frame that can be stuck, for example, on a wall, furniture or door.

The base material of the graphics is 350 gram high-quality matte paper with coated laminate and 3D raised varnish in the selected part of the graphic motif.

The story linking to the graphic is on the back.