Magnet Brat i Slava

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Legend has it that once upon a time, while travelling in a trading caravan, two young people met in this area. It was love at first sight.

Brat was kind-hearted and manly, Slava was beautiful and intelligent. Together they stayed to live at a crossroads in the heart of Europe. The ideal location, plus the proximity of the Danube River, attracted other settlers and the small settlement gradually grew into a thriving town.

In honour of its founders, it was named BratiSlava, which means Brother and Glory in translation. More

Quality resin magnets on a base of linden wood, creating a 3D effect, can be a nice memory in Bratislava for your friends and acquaintances, as a gift with inspiration.

Each magnet has its own original story. The magnets have the same size and shape, 5.5 cm wide and 8.5 cm long with rounded edges.

They are also intended for collectors who appreciate the unique processing of motifs.

The quality of the magnets is underlined by the special brightness and brilliance of the colors.